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Lifescreen is a simple and effective system for quickly screening up to 7 days of full disclosure ECG. The system has two key elements, the 7-day recorder, based on our Lifecard CF digital Holter recorder, and the Lifescreen software. The advent of 7-day continuous recording allows non-symptomatic events to be captured over extended monitoring periods. This breakthrough is a significant technological advance over previous patient-activated devices or discontinuous recorders that attempted to detect arrhythmias automatically. 7-day full disclosure enables positive early diagnosis of patients with arrhythmias before they become an everyday occurrence.

  • 7-Day Continuous Full Disclosure ECG
  • Opens the window of opportunity for capturing infrequent arrhythmias
  • Fast & Easy Scanning
  • Flexible Clinical Applications


HRV-Tools delivers accurate and complete results in an easy to use package for research and clinical practice. Researchers at many of the world’s leading medical schools have chosen Spacelabs HRV systems because of the quality of the RR data produced by the digital recorders and Holter analysers together with the flexibility that is offered by HRV Tools.

  • Time & Frequency Domain analysis
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible


Symphonet – Holter communication technology that puts you in control

Symphonet is the latest innovation in Holter Communication technology from Spacelabs. As easy to use as it is secure, Symphonet adds a new dimension to information management in Holter analysis. In its simplest form, Symphonet allows you to securely transfer raw ECG from any remote site to a central analysis location. A PDF of the Holter report is returned via the same secure route for review at the remote site. Whether in a large Hospital, Group Practice or Clinical Research environment Symphonet helps you maximize the efficiency with which Holter ECG is analysed and reports shared.

  • Secure transfer of raw ECG & Holter reports between remote locations and analysis centres
  • Easy set-up and maintenance with secure FTP server OR managed file transfer service
  • Outstanding performance for both low and high volume Holter traffic
  • Fully scalable to protect your investment

Øvrige opsjoner

  • ST Segment Analyse
  • Late Potential Analysis-MPA
  • QT Analyse


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